The Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) was established more than 63 years ago with a vision to achieve economic prosperity to the whole nation and alleviate poverty. Over the years, our Federation has achieved this vision by promoting business growth, social development, and collaborative partnerships with the government, business groups, and communities.

As a partner in nation building, our member chambers and trade associations have been helping move the Philippines forward by supporting businesses that have made our communities across the country progressive. And building upon its rich history, the Federation will continue to lead the way in expanding the economy through local and foreign tie-ups so we can do our share in creating much needed jobs for our countrymen. We will work even more to bring in investments to the country, in particular, as we enter a more vibrant economic relation with China.

Being the voice of the Filipino-Chinese community, we will work closely with government on issues that affect businesses and the Filipino-Chinese community. Among the initiatives we will engage in include bolstering opportunities in manufacturing, trade, tourism and agriculture; promoting business-friendly policies to ensure the cost of doing business in the country is kept competitive; proposal to amend the Alien Social Integration Act of 1995; among others. With our continuing commitment to advocate public policy, we have formed the Rizal Policy Center to convey our inputs in the crafting of laws and policies, as well as our position on critical issues.

As an institution that is not only focused on business but also on social responsibility, our Federation has always been known for its strong track record of philanthropy. Our school building donations, scholarship programs, medical missions, and relief operations in times of calamities, have given us the opportunity to serve our fellowmen in need. These initiatives in education and charity will be further expanded by strengthening linkage with our partners.

Friends, join us as we continue to build on the Federation’s tradition of service amidst the positive changes happening in our country. Together, let’s achieve growth for all and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others.