FFCCCII donated blinkers to NCRPO

FFCCCII donated and turnover (100) pieces blinkers to NCRPO Regional Director, Police Director Leonardo Espina on November 20, 2012, Tuesday, 3:00 pm at 6th Floor, FFCCCII Bldg. Police Director is happy for the quick response of the FFCCCII as he mentioned that he needs the blinkers to be installed on the police cars and motorcycles when he was guest speaker during the FFCCCII’s council meeting on October 19. He informed the FFCCCII members that the blinkers is also a deterrent to crime incident. He thanked the FFCCCII for its continuous support to the whole police forces. Vice President Alfonso Siy also committed another (100) pieces blinkers thru FFCCCII to be turnover as soon as the stocks are available.

Top photo shows NCRPO Regional Director Leonardo Espina with top FFCCCII’s officers. From right is Vice Presidents Ong Eng Chan, Alex Yap Choty, Alfonso Siy, President Tan Ching, from left is Chairman Victor Lim, Vice President Angel Ngu and Honorary President John Tan.

Photo below:Pres. Tan Ching handed over to NCRPO Regional Director Leonardo Espina the blinkers.