FFCCCII President Tan Ching and other officers had a meeting with Bureau of Immigration Associate Commissioner Siegfred Mison

FFCCCII President Tan Ching and other officers had a meeting with Bureau of Immigration Associate Commissioner Siegfred Mison on November 23, 2012, 10:00 am. President Tan Ching brought to the attention of Assoc. Comm. letters sent by Atty. Malaluan, the Acting Chief of Verification and Compliance Division to native born aliens requesting them to submit among others the following:

1. Photocopy of ACR I-card /Paper based Immigrant Certificate of Residence(ICR) or Native Born Certificate of Resident(NBCR) of the applicants’ parents.

2. Photocopy of bio-pages of old and new passports of the applicants.

3. Original NSO birth certificate of the applicants. The letter also requires the applicant to comply within ten days after receipt of the letter, failure to comply shall cause the cancellation of their visa and ACR-Icard.

President Tan Ching states that some of the senior citizens won’t be able to submit the papers of their parents who may have died long time ago; or that their papers may be lost or cannot be located.

Associate Commissioner Mision informed that Atty. Malaluan is following the memo order no. RADJR 12-012 dated March 27, 2012, creating the Verification and Compliance Unit (VCU) and she is conducting post audit and verification of papers of aliens to check the veracity of the holders of ACR I-CARD.

In the meantime, Associate Commissioner advised that aliens who had received said letter should not disregard it but has to submit the papers required of them if these are available. However, if they can not comply they should write a letter citing the reason why they can not submit. He vowed to take up the issues again with Atty. Malaluan if the post audit should covered native born resident aliens who are not minors.

President Tan Ching also inquired about the status of the New Immigration Act. Associate Commissioner Mison informed that the Bureau is formulating additional draft and will furnish the FFCCCII and other foreign chambers. He encouraged us to give him suggestions and invited us to join the senate hearings on the debate of the passage of the Act. President Tan Ching suggested if there will be recommendations from the Bureau of Immigration to resolve the problems of overstaying aliens.

Other officers who were present during the meeting: Vice President/Adviser of External Affairs Committee Mr. Domingo Yap, Vice Presidents Henry Lim Bon Liong , William Gosiaco and Alex Yap Choty, Chairman of External Affairs Committee Mr. Victor Lim and Chairman of Education Committee Mr. George Chua Cham and Secretary General Dr. Fernando Gan.

Photo shows Associate Commissioner Siegfred Mison, 3rd from right and Atty. Manuel Plaza, his technical assistant (extreme right) with FFCCCII’s officers.