Sources of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests
Statistics Article

The Philippines received 2,433,428 international visitors for the first half of 2014, growing at 2.22% compared to the same period in 2013 with registered arrivals of 2,380,593. Of these arrivals, the month of June 2014 hosted 372,293 visitors (+0.87%) relative to the 369,073 the previous year.

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For the period in review, visitor arrivals from the Asian region accounted for 58.78% with South Korea, China and Japan leading the region. The Americas and Europe comprised 19.28% and 10.64%, respectively.

By sub-region, significant growths were achieved by ASEAN with an increase of 11.21%, Southern Europe which grew by 13.35%, and Eastern Mediterranean Europe with a 13.58%.

Visitor Markets. South Korea continued to be the top contributor of international visitors with 547,971 arrivals comprising 22.52% share to the total inbound traffic. The United States of America (+6.84%) supplied the 2nd largest influx of arrivals with 389,432 visitors, constituting 16.00% of the total inbound traffic. The Chinese market (+13.56%) gave significant boost to the industry providing a total 226,163 with a share of 9.29%. Japan (+5.03%) ranked 4th amassing 220,366 visitors, constituting 9.06%. Australia was 5th with 111,687 arrivals and a share of 4.59%. This market recorded an encouraging 8.13% increase vis-à-vis its arrivals of 103,286 last year.


Rounding up the top ten visitor markets are Singapore (+6.26%) with 91,692 arrivals, Canada (+10.59%) with 75,677 arrivals, United Kingdom (+13.88%) with 68,593 arrivals, Taiwan (-21.91%) with 67,213 arrivals, and Malaysia (+23.34%) with 66,796 arrivals.

Other emerging markets with substantial growth were Italy (+17.16%) with 10,154 arrivals, Vietnam (+16.13%) with 15,321 arrivals, New Zealand (+13.79%) with 8,352 arrivals, Denmark (+10.48%) with 7,950 arrivals, Spain (+8.88%) with 8,655 arrivals, Netherlands (+8.48%) with 11,929 arrivals, India (+6.60%) with 29,981 arrivals, and Switzerland (+6.33%) with 13,371 arrivals. Overseas Filipinos reported 106,088 arrivals.

Visitor Receipts. A total of Php 109.77 billion was generated from inbound tourists for the first six months. The top five visitor markets in terms of expenditure are Korea, (Php29.11 billion), the United States (Php 22.64 billion), Australia (Php 7.38 billion), Japan (Php 5.48 billion), and China (Php 4.88 billion). Substantial contribution to visitor receipts were likewise provided by Canada (Php 4.44 billion), United Kingdom (Php 4.11 billion), Germany (Php 2.52 billion), Singapore (Php 2.20 billion) and Malaysia (Php 1.89 billion).

On the other hand, visitors spent an average daily expenditure of Php 4,874.70 in June 2014, higher by 25.03% from the Php 3,898.95 visitor spent in June 2013. On the other hand, visitors in June 2014 stayed for an average stay of 11.49 nights, longer by 1 night (11.01%) compared to the average length of stay of 10.35 nights in June 2013.