Lunch meeting with Solcigor General

The Officers and Members of FFCCCII invited Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza
and Justice Roman del Rosario, the Executive Director of Special Committee on Naturalization
to a lunch meeting on November 29, Thursday at Century Seafood Restaurant.

Left: President Tan Ching welcomed Solicitor General Jardeleza.
Right: President Tan Ching with Justice Roman del Rosario and Solicitor General.

Seated from left: Vice Presidents Henry Lim Bon Liong, Alex Yap Choty,
Chairman Victor Lim, Justice Roman del Rosario, President Tan Ching, Solicitor General
Francis Jardeleza. from right: Secretary General Dr. Fernando Gan, Vice Presidents
William Gosiaco, Alfonso Siy and Domingo Yap. Standing at the back: Vice Chairman Nelson Guevarra, Atty. Peter Kho and Miss Mercy Lim, Secretary of External Affairs Committee.