Senate Bill No. 3323

The officers of FFCCCII were invited to attend the Senate Hearing on November 27, 2012, 9:00 am at the Senate’s Session Hall. The hearing was presided by Senator Edgardo Angara, Chairman of Committee on Education, Arts and Culture to discuss Senate Bill No. 3323, a bill “declaring Chinese New Year as Special Non-Working Holiday in the Philippines” which was authored by Senator Angara.

Senator Sergio Osmena, III, who was also present during the hearing first designated President Tan Ching to talk in behalf of the representatives from Chinese community and also appointed him to invite others to share their views on the Bill.

President Tan Ching reiterated that the FFCCCII, for all these years, has consistently exerted its effort to push the lawmakers to pass the Bill to declare Chinese Lunar New Year as a Non-working Holiday. He definitely agreed to give full support on Senate Bill Nos. 3323.

He said the Filipino-Chinese have played a key role in the economic and cultural development of the Philippines. The Philippines is the only Asean country which does not declare Chinese Lunar New Year as a non-working holiday. He added, this bill seeks to recognize the immeasurable contribution of the Filipino Chinese community in our country and to strengthen the Filipino-Chinese amity.

Then, President Tan Ching invited other FFCCCII’s officers: Honorary President Alfonso Uy, Vice Presidents Domingo Yap and Henry Lim Bon Liong, Chairmen Cecilio Pedro and Victor Lim, Secretary General Dr. Fernando Gan to give their views on the Bill. Each of them contributed their valuable opinions and cited several reasons on why they support Senate Bill No. 3323. Mr. Joaquin Sy of Metro Bank Foundation, Mr. Robert Yu of Philippine Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Mr. Reuben Co of Tourist’s Association also expressed their full support on the passing of the bill. FFCCCII’s Vice President Alex Yap Choty and William Gosiaco were also present during the Senate hearing.

Upper left photo: Senator Angara welcomed President Tan Ching. Middle and right photo: Senator Angara and Senator Osmena. 2nd row photo- Left: Pres. Tan Ching gave his views on Senate Bill No. 3323. Right: President Tan Ching shook hand with Senator Osmena. 3rd row: Officers of FFCCCII gave their full support on Senate Bill No. 3323. Last photo: Representatives of Chinese community at the Senate Hearing.