The Philippines Hosted 4.7 Million International Visitors in 2013

VA_JanToDec202012to2013 Visitor arrivals in 2013 totalled to 4,681,307 surpassing the previous year’s record of 4,272,811 by 9.56%. This feat gives the tourism industry a new milestone as tourists continue to demonstrate sustained growth amidst challenges.

During the year, visitor count reached an all time high of more than 400,000 during the months of January, February, March, July and December. The highest growth rate, on the other hand, were recorded in February (15.8%), June (14.0%) and August (13.0%).

Koreans remain the biggest source market with 24.9% share to total inbound visitors for 1.17 million arrivals. This market continued to sustain growth at 13% by year-end. The successful conclusion of air services agreement in this market have contributed to increase in flight frequencies in key international gateways.

Chinese tourists have bounced back with year-end growth of 69.9% for a total visitor arrival of 426,352. This volume surpassed the revised target for China of 260,000 set at the beginning of the year. The substantial increase in Chinese visitors was first felt in May when arrival posted 107.7% growth. For the past eight months, growth was steady at more than 100% to double digit. Accordingly, Chinese visitor share to total inbound expanded from 5.9% in 2012 to 9.1% in 2013.

Japanese visitors continued to rise steadily with 433,705 arrivals for 5.1% growth. The implementation of new programs and introduction of new products targeting new and niche markets have revitalized the growth in this market. Remaining as the third biggest source market, Japan accounted for 9.2% share to total visitors. Australians and Singaporeans have already surpassed the Taiwanese as the fourth and fifth source of visitor arrivals. These markets posted 11.4%and 18.0%, respectively. These markets demonstrated slow but consistent expansion from seventh and eight rank during the year.

TopJanToDec2012_2013 Visitors from the United States of America (USA) contributed the second biggest arrivals at 674,564 for a share of 14.4%. Other countries that contributed substantially are Taiwan with 139,099 arrivals, Canada with 131,381 arrivals, Hongkong with 126,008 arrivals, United Kingdom with 122,759 arrivals, Malaysia with 109,437 arrivals and Germany with 70,949 arrivals.

Moreover, the following markets generated noteworthy gains: Saudi Arabia (+29.7%) with 38,969 arrivals, Vietnam (+27.8%) with 26,599 arrivals, Russian Federation (+25.2%) with 35,404 arrivals, Indonesia (+24.5%) with 45,582 arrivals, United Arab Emirates (+19.5%) with 15,155 arrivals, Thailand (+16.8%) with 47,874 arrivals, France (+15.8%) with 39,042 arrivals and India (+12.5%) with 52,206 arrivals.

PerCapita2013 By regional grouping, the East Asia region continued to contribute the biggest arrivals for share of 49.1% with 2,298,597. The region posted a double-digit gain of 12.73% vis-à-vis its previous year’s contribution of 2,038,987 arrivals. The ASEAN region maintained its position as the third largest contributor of arrivals by region, accounting for 9.02% of the overall traffic base. This region posted an increase of 12.49%, from its output of 375,190 in 2012.

Total revenues gained from inbound visitors for the year was estimated at US$4.40 billion, equivalent to Php 186.15 billion, up by 15.1%.

The overall average length of stay of visitors in 2013 remained at 9.6 nights. Foreign visitors stayed for an average of 9.4 nights while Overseas Filipinos stayed an average of 18.8 nights.

Average daily expenditure of inbound tourists during the year increased by 8.7% to US$101.12 from the US$ 92.99 recorded in 2012. Koreans showed biggest spent at US$140.81 per day while visitors from the United States have the longest stay at 13.4 nights.

On the other hand, based on per capita spending of the Philippines’ top markets, visitors from Canada recorded the biggest spent at US$1,393.68. It was followed by visitors from Australia with with a per capita expenditure of US$1,382.48. Other high spending markets include: Germany with US$1,360.34, U.S.A. with US$ 1,334.34, United Kingdom with US$1,306.86 and Korea with US$ 874.59.