Visitor arrivals increase by 7% in first 4 months of 2015

Sources of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests

Visitor Receipts. For the first four months of 2015, revenues from tourism activities of international visitors grew by 2.81%, amounting to Php77.14 billion from the Php75.03 billion recorded last year.

For April alone, visitor receipts amounted to Php 18.18 billion, expanding by 4.80% compared to the previous year’s earnings of Php 17.34 billion.

Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of international visitors for the month of April 2015 was recorded at Php 4,675.42; while the Average Length of Stay (ALoS) was registered at 10.41 nights.

Average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month in review was pegged at Php 48,671.12.

Korea regained its rank as the top visitor spender with Php 4.13 billion overtaking the United States which generated total revenue of Php 3.60 billion. Australia ranked third with Php 1.25 billion while Canada recorded Php 1.06 billion.

On the other hand, United Kingdom which ranked fifth has contributed Php 0.96 Billion to total international receipts for the month.

Visitor Arrivals. A total of 1,815,202 inbound visitors arrived from January to April which posted an increase of 6.99% over the same months of 2014 (1,696,537). For April 2015, visitor arrivals totaled to 423,366 with 9.49% growth against April 2014 arrivals of 386,665.

Asia contributed the bulk of arrivals with 237,196 visitors for a share of 56.03%. Americas followed with 84,483 for a market share of 19.96%; Europe with 10.78% share contributed 45,635 arrivals, while Australasia/ Pacific had a share of 5.94%. On the other hand, Overseas Filipinos accounted for 4.68% of the inbound traffic.

For January to April 2015, Korea remained the top contributor with 451,945 arrivals for a market share of 24.90% and a growth rate of 20.77%.

The United States of America (USA) ranked second with 283,577 visitors, constituting 15.62% share and posting a growth rate of 6.22% vis-à-vis its arrivals for the same period a year ago. Japan ranked third with 167,602 and a market share of 9.23%l. This market expanded by 7.82.

China placed fourth with 126,293 visitors for 6.96% market share; although this market continued to register decline of 24.89% for January to April 2015, it can be noted that for the month of April arrivals from China increased by 5.81%. This development is a welcome sign of recovery for this market. The fifth major inbound market to the country is Australia with 83,573 arrivals and a share of 4.60%.

Rounding up the top ten visitor markets are Canada (+7.38%) with 60,746 arrivals, Singapore (1.34%) with 60,032 arrivals, Taiwan (23.15%) with 55,572 arrivals, United Kingdom (+7.79%) with 54,116 arrivals, and Malaysia (+20.23%) with 50,425 arrivals.

For the month of April, markets with substantial growth in inbound arrivals included: India with 6,335 arrivals (+26.07%), France with 4,362 arrivals (+17.16%), Saudi Arabia with 3,447 arrivals (+16.30%), Netherlands with 2,501 arrivals (+18.31%), and Vietnam (+22.77) with 2,761 arrivals.