Philippine Media Delegation visit to the Fujian Normal University in Fuzhou City

The Philippine media delegation on December 13, 2023 visited some Filipino educators who are now scholars studying Chinese-language as bachelor or master degrees at the 116-year-old Fujian Normal University in coastal Fuzhou City, Fujian province.

This university was founded in 1916 by the Qing Dynasty scholar Chen Baochen, who once served as teacher of China’s last emperor. The total land area of this campus is 260 hectares.

The Filipino students said they were impressed with high standards of education, friendliness of the people, dedication of their professors (“Not even one minute is wasted in each professor’s two-hour lectures”) and the modern affordable public transport system in China.

Among international celebrities who have studied and who speak Mandarin include Facebook (Meta) founder Mark Zuckerberg, former Australia Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, Oscar Award-winning Hollywood actress Mira Sorvino who studied Mandarin at Harvard University & 1 year in Beijing.


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