The birth of the Federation in March 1954, was inspired by the late President Ramon Magsaysay who, shortly after his election in 1953, met with the leaders of the local Chinese community and appealed to them to organize a more compact association that could render greater support to his government and further strengthen the existing ties of friendship between the Filipinos and the Chinese in the Philippines.

Stirred to action by President Magsaysay’s unprecedented appeal, the leaders of the various Chinese chambers of commerce and trade associations throughout the country convened at the Manila Hotel in a historic convention in March 1954 and organized the Federation of Chinese Chambers of Commerce in the Philippines. The founding President of the Federation was Mr. Yu Khe Tai.

Later, it was renamed Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce to make it more reflective of the citizenship of its actual members, which is that of Filipinos and Chinese alike. Later, it was renamed Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. to mirror the broadening range of participation of its members in the national economy.

Men of vision, dedication and integrity from the Chinese-Filipino community have provided the needed leadership and direction for the Federation. Through multifarious acts of charity, compassion, and humanity over the years, the Federation has transformed itself into one of the leading organizations in the country today, very deeply involved not only in the economic but, more importantly, in the civic, social and cultural life of our nation.

菲  華  商  聯  總  會
Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc.

The Federation Leadership
1954-1962 President Mr. Yu Khe Tai
1962-1966 President Mr. Santos Chua Haw Ko
1966-1970 President Mr. Ralph Nubla
1970-1974 President Mr. Antonio Roxas Chua
1974-1976 President Mr. Yao Shiong Shio
1977-1980 President Mr. Leonardo K. Ty
1981-1985 President Mr. Ralph Nubla (Chairman Emeritus)
1985-1987 President Mr. Johnny Cheng
1987-1991 President Mr. Domingo Lee
1991-1993 President Mr. Yao Eng Hue
1993-1997 President Mr. Jimmy T. Tang
1997-1999 President Mr. Vicente O. Yu, Sr.
1999-2001 President Dr. Lucio C. Tan (Chairman Emeritus)
2001-2002 President Mr. Benjamin Chua
2002-2003 President Mr. John K.C. Ng
2003-2005 President Dr. Robin C. Sy
2005-2007 President Dr. Francis Chua
2007-2009 President Dr. John K. Tan
2009-2011 President Dr. Alfonso A. Uy
2011-2013 President Mr. Tan Ching
2013-2015 President Dr. Alfonso G. Siy
2015-2017 President Mr. Angel Ngu
2017-2019 President Mr. Domingo H. Yap
2019-2021 President Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong


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